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Session Replay Tools – Cost Effective Customer Experience Optimization

What is a Session Replay Tool?
A session replay tool/ session recording tool has the ability to record visitor sessions and play it back on demand.

Why do we need this?
To improve customer experience. A session replay tool gives a granular view at how the visitors navigate through your web application.

We do get path reports, fall reports with any web analytics tool like Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics. Hence how a session replay tool adds value/ why should we invest?

A web analytics tool helps you to identify a problem. For e.g.: Drop in form fills, Drop in CTA clicks, Drop in purchases etc. A web analytics tool will give you a good view of page level/ event level paths leading to a conversion. However, what is doesn’t answer is the underlying reason leading to the problem. Hence, a drop in form fills could be due to a fall out from a specific field, inconsistent experience from a specific device/ browser, visitor moving out to a different page etc. Data with lesser number of dimensions may be easier to comprehend. However, the same does not hold true for huge data sets.
A session replay/ session recorder reduces your analysis efforts to a great extent with quick and accurate insights. In fact insights from a session replay tool should be used to develop A/B and Multivariate test strategies.

A session replay tool offers the following benefits:
– Visitor level session recording
– Heat maps
– Form analytics
– Conversion funnels
– Low cost. Paid versions starts as low as $29/ month.

Popular Session Replay tools
1) SessionCam
2) ClickTale
3) Inspectlet
4) Tealeaf CX
5) Mouseflow

Recommendation: SessionCam

Key Differentiators:
– Customer Struggle Score makes it easier to identify the problem areas from an overwhelming size of visitor session data. Customer struggle scores helps in identifying correlation between customer struggle and impact to conversions.

– FREE version available. Records up to 50 session replays. Pricing starts from $50/ month.

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