Automate SEO Reporting with SEMRUSH API

SEMRUSH has always been one of my favorites.

Leveraging the SEMRUSH API lets you explore better opportunities in SEO analysis and reporting for you clients. Rather than navigating through the SEMRUSH reporting interface, it’s more preferable to have an automated reporting solution for the most important and relevant KPIs for your business.

Some of the Advantages of using the SEMRUSH API

–          Relevance: Extract, Display and Analyze all that is relevant to your business. Saves time and improves decision making.
–          Integrations: The SEMRUSH API can be integrated with a wide range of CMS and Ecommerce platforms.
–          Reporting and Dashboards: Improves data visualization and reporting.
–          Specific APIs: Based on requirements, choose from Analytics API, Projects API and Accounts API.

How to get the SEMRUSH API Key

The SEMRUSH API Key is only available to the business users. If you are using the PRO or GURU account, you need to upgrade to the BUSINESS account.

3 steps to get the API Key:

–          Upgrade to the SEMRUSH business plan.
–          Choose the relevant API package and purchase it.
–          Get the API key.

For more information:

The SEMRUSH API Key is accessible by:

–          Login to the SEMRUSH account.
–          Click on Profile and then select the API.
–          Select the Account to view the API key
–          You may also buy additional API units.


–          Analytics API (Paid): This is by far the most important one. If you are looking to automatically build reports based on SEMRUSH data, you should leverage the Analytics API. SEO agencies can use this API to build and automate insightful reports for their clients.

–          Projects API (Paid): Can be leveraged for project management, website audit and position tracking. Let’s you compare a website with the competitors. SEO agencies may leverage this to create impressive SEO proposals.

–          Accounts API (Free): This shows you the last user API / export queries and helps you in checking the balance API units.

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