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How to Get Unsampled Reports from Google Analytics

Google analytics shows sampled data whenever the total sessions in a report exceed 500 K sessions (visits). Google analytics 360 accounts have an extended limit of 100M.

How do you know that the report is sampled?

Below the date range, check for the following statement:

“The report is based on xxxx visits (x.xx% of visits)”

 What this means?

This is an indicative report. The numbers are not absolute. Moreover, the sampling changes with the date ranges being specified. This results in

–          Inconsistent data

–          The lesser the % of visits being sampled the more likelihood of data swings.

–          Misleading inferences

Can I get unsampled reports from Google Analytics ?

No for Google Analytics standard (Free version)

Yes for Google Analytics premium (360)


However, do not lose heart if you are using Google Analytics standard (Free version). You can still try out the following 5 ways to reduce the sample size.

  • Try out date range combinations and settle with the one that considers maximum % of visits for sampling. However, this will only improve your “chances” data close to the actuals.
  • Try out various filters, segments, profiles the reduce rows that you may not need.
  • Use standard reports. These are unsampled.
  • Explore the Google Analytics API to extract data at shorter intervals (for e.g.: daily, weekly, twice a week etc.) Get the data into a repository for further analysis.
  • Create an additional Google analytics property: Filter out the most important pages, CTAs, traffic sources, referrals etc. Ensure that all such priority data is reported into a separate UA ID.

Use Google Analytics Premium

Google Analytics premium/ 360 accounts have the ability to export unsampled data. The data (depending on the size) is typically delivered within minutes. However, Google analytics premium/ 360 is expensive and hence this may be a viable option for the enterprise level customers.

While extracting unsampled reports from Google Analytics 360, do consider the following.

  • Maximum limit of unique rows is 3 million. Data exceeding this limit will be reported as “Other”.
  • Unsampled reports is resource intensive. Hence their is a daily quota limit for each Google Analytics property.

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